Astor Galleries offers a full range of services including:

We offer expert verbal and written appraisals of all types of personal property. In addition to estate tax appraisals, we also conduct appraisals for equitable distribution, charitable donation, insurance procurement or loss claims, and bankruptcy liquidation.

This is the preferred option of our customers.  Using almost four decades of industry contacts and a strong online platform we can act as the seller's agent and market their personal property for high prices in a timely manner. Please see the partial listing of the items we specialize in. More >>

Outright Sale
We offer sellers the convenience of immediate payment through competitive outright purchase. Outright purchases include packing, handling and trucking. If you are remotely located, you can also contact us about shipping your items to us for sale.

Broom Sweep – Clean Outs
We offer our “broom sweep” clean-out service to simplify your moving, downsizing, or estate situation and leave the premises in clean and sellable condition.

​Location Staging
We can remove unnecessary items and leave the space clean and simple. Staging highlights the possibilities of a room and creates a vision of what it can offer to a potential buyer. We offer the option to pick up in two parts: clutter first and the balance later.

We normally start with a free consultation. Please call us at (800) 784-7876 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  We  look forward to speaking with you soon.