Amazing Discoveries

We Make House Calls

In between our Antique Appraisal Days we have been running house calls. People really seem to find them very exciting because we have come across some AMAZING discoveries in people’s homes and we have been helping our customers evaluate their items in order to raise money, to downsize, or to just find a good home for their treasured possessions which no one in the family wants.

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People seem to be doing really well if they have things in the first five categories.  Do you have anything like that? If so, please contact Astor Galleries so that we can see if you qualify for a "free" house call.

Emerald Green

Formerly from the collection of the Aleksandr Ivanovich Nelidov (1838-1910) and Olga Dmitrievna Princess Nelidov, this stunning antique five-stone emerald ring and emerald and diamond brooch came from a client looking to maximize their return and was referred to Astor Galleries by one of our past satisfied customers. Set with five graduated square-cut emeralds, with openwork sculpted gold gallery and hoop, circa 1890 from the Russian Imperial period, this size 6 ring was sold for $113,250.


A Real Hot Bed of Activity

Huanghuali is possibly the hottest category of furniture in the world today. Because the wood is nearing extinction, and is now a protected species, supply is very limited. Matched with the rapidly increasing demand for Chinese antiques, prices for huanghuali furniture have skyrocketed over the past five years. At a home appraisal for a client who came to our Antiques Appraisal Day at St. Lukes in Somers, NY, we discovered several pieces of rare Chinese huanghuali wood, including this Ming style, dragon decorated low back bed which sold for $48,000. The impressive collection surpassed our estimates, and sold for $144,800.


At an Antique Appraisal Day in Millbrook, one client brought in a Chinese jade vase and cover measuring only 4.5 inches. It sold for over $91,000.

This vintage 1960's Rolex Chronograph men's watch was discovered at an Antique Appraisal Day. It sold for over $18,000.

This rare, signed Louis Comfort Tiffany cameo glass vase was purchased at a garage sale for $3. Astor Galleries' experts appraised this at one of our Antique Appraisal Day events in Rhinebeck, NY, for $12,000, and we later sold it for our client for $13,500.


Early American History

At a September Antique Appraisal Day in New Paltz, a client brought in a coin they found while excavating the foundation of their house in 1968. They stored the coin away thinking same day they would get it evaluated. When they spotted our ad they were inspired to finally get the coin appraised. The coins turned out to be The Continental Currency “Dollar” of 1776. The images on the Continental Currency coin are based on the designs found on Continental Congress fractional currency from the emission of February 17,1776, which were designed by Benjamin Franklin. The coin was estimated at $80,000 and was the highlight of that Antique Appraisal Day!