Host an Antique Appraisal Day Event


We have been holding these events around the Tri-state area which have proven to be great fund raisers for the chosen venues as well as exciting events for the whole community. In addition to receiving a large portion of the revenue generated at the event, often the venues receive the added benefit of the event promoting their facility to the local community.

They have also been exciting events for the whole community, good for tourism, and we have come across some amazing discoveries at them. Please see the flyer for our currently scheduled event, as well as a list of the previous event's highlights that I think you will find interesting.

If so, please let us know if your venue qualifies as outlined below.

Typically, we look for a venue that could accommodate approximately 200 to 300 guests (over the course of a day) with seating for about 100 guests at a time plus 10 chairs (=110+ chairs total) and 5-7 rectangular tables for the experts (a space approx 1500 sq ft+), and parking for 60 to 80 cars at a time.

We would need WiFi access to a high speed internet (broadband) connection for our appraisal team in order to give the most current and accurate appraisals. Please test the Wi-Fi via this link: and let us know the upload and download speeds.To get the best reading please test it several times at multiple places in the room and let us know if it seems that any spots are slower then the others.

We are also looking for a venue that will be best able to help us promote and advertise as well as staff the show with the support of volunteers. The venue would need a few volunteers (or a local committee) that could help us promote the event. We will heavily advertise the event as well as send out press releases and calendar listings to all of the local print and online media. However, we need help spreading the word locally by placing flyers, lawn signs, etc., around town.

Please note the event normally runs from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (doors open at 10:00 AM and close at 4:00 PM).

  • The venue would need the following support staff on the day of the event:
    2 - 4* people to sell tickets at the door.
    1 - 2 people to direct traffic and route guests to the appropriate expert (via the signs on the experts' tables)

It would also be good to have:
1 - 2 people to entertain the guests (e.g., play the piano, etc)
1 - 2 people to sell lunch and/or provide refreshments
1 - 2 people to direct parking (if needed)

*Please note the higher number of each position is in the event that you split those jobs into two shifts.

Items will be appraised for just $10 each, or $25 for three items, with a limit of six items. A majority of the proceeds going to the venue as a fund raiser.

Contact us to see what upcoming dates are available.