Request a Kit FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

      Shipping is free, when you “request a kit” you will be sent a pre-paid Priority Mail Flat Rate Box and shipping label. If it fits, it ships – up to 70 lbs.

      Once your kit arrives, our team of experts will go through the entire lot and determine our offer. This process varies depending on the size of your lot, the rarity of the items, etc. On average kits are processed in 3 to 5 business days.

      Our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee means that if you change your mind for any reason we will return your items free of charge.*

      Once you accept our offer, we will process your payment in 48 hours. We offer two methods of payment. You can select expedited payment by using PayPal (please note, applicable PayPal fees may apply). Our default payment method is company check sent via USPS.

      Please see our guide.

      Bracelets (bangles, bracelets & charms), Dress & Fur Clips, Earrings, Necklaces & Pendants, Matched Sets, Men’s Accessories (cufflinks & ties clips) Pins & Brooches, Rings, Antique/Vintage Watches, Tangled Jewelry, Single Earrings, Missing Stones, Scrap Gold.

      Sterling Silver Jewelry from Mexico, Scandinavia, and Native American. Designer Costume (Chanel, Eisenberg, Schiaparelli, Ralph DeRosa, Trifari, Hobe’, Christian Dior, Weiss, etc.), Fine Pearls, Amber and Bakelite.

      We also accept vintage & antique Military & Masonic Metals, Sterling Silver Hollowware, Purses, Pens, and Small Travel & Case Clocks.

      Be sure to check our guide and the Astor Galleries List. If you have special piece you would like to bring to our attention, or have a question about your item, please email

      If you would like to send a photo of a special item to be considered by Astor Galleries, please send them to The email should include you contact information, and your question.

      If you would like your items appraised, go to and click on Appraisals.

      Please see our guide. We do not accept very fragile items (crystal, china, figurines, vases) via mail. We do not accept modern items: electronics, records, videos, DVDs, toys, digital watches, toys, paperback books, or book that are not first edition, and furs or clothing.

      We cannot accept furniture or larger items via mail. If you have larger items, or a large quantity from the Astor Galleries List, you may qualify for a home visit. Please contact us at to inquire about a home visit.

      If you have items on this list you are looking to sell, you may qualify for an exciting FREE home visit from one of our professional appraisers. Please contact us at

      • Request a FREE kit at

      • Carefully pack your items using the Astor Galleries Guide instructions. Fill out the Customer Return Form, enclose it in the kit, and seal the box closed. Take your package to the post office for shipping. Your kit is tracked and insured from the moment it leaves your hands.

      • Once we sign for your shipment, our team of experts will go through your whole lot thoroughly, identify any good jewelry that you may have missed, and prepare your offer. We will contact you via email, phone, or USPS mail.

      • Once you accept the offer, payment will be sent within 48 hours.* If you decide not to accept the offer you items will be returned free of charge.

      If you are not satisfied for any reason with our offer, or service, we will return your items free of charge.*

      The kit includes:

      • Welcome Letter

      • Astor Galleries Guide. An Easy Way to Turn Your Unwanted Treasures to Cash from Home

      • Astor Galleries List – List of items we specialize in

      • Amazing Discoveries – Astor Galleries discoveries from home visits

      • Customer Return Form

      • Pre-paid Priority Mail Flat Rate Box and shipping label

      • Request a Kit FAQ

      New York law requires that you supply your Drivers’ License (or other government issued ID), your date of birth, and your signature. In order to avoid any delays, please complete this section on page 2 of the Customer Return Form.

      Your items are insured from the moment they are dropped at the USPS for shipping. Please see the Terms and Conditions, section 4 – Loss Guarantee and Insurance.

      To request additional insurance for a special item, you must send in a request to Your request should include photos of your item(s) and a description. Astor Galleries will then review your request and contact you.

      Your items are tracked from the minute you drop them for shipping at the USPS. You can track your items using the tracking number located on the shipping label provided in your kit.

      If you refer a friend or family member to the Company, we will pay you 5% of the accepted offer amount (up to $250) on their first Transaction with us. Payouts will be awarded 14 days after the referred customer has accepted their payment from us. You can refer multiple customers, but we will payout only once per new customer referred. Referrals involving existing customers, i.e., customers that have previously transacted business with the Company, are not eligible for payouts. For more information email


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