Sample Appraisal

Download our sample written, formal appraisal -- our sample shows an estate appraisal, for fair market value. A written appraisal for insurance value is essentially the same, with values based on replacement instead of selling outright.

We normally can complete most average size homes in 1/2 to 1 day (depending on the amount of research and breakdown for equitable distribution needed). If we agree to take on the consignment we may be able to absorb some of the appraisal fee. You may qualify for a free house call however, they are reserved for people who have a significant number of items that they would like to sell. Please contact us regarding fees for a formal, written appraisal or to discuss consignment.

The formal appraisal takes six to eight weeks from the Date of Inspection to be mailed out.

Please let us know the type of items you would like to have appraised and/or sell and provide us with as much information as you can such as an artist's name, size, subject matter, markings, etc. as well as photos if possible.

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