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We want to reassure you that Astor Galleries is here to be of service during these challenging times.
The COVID-19 global pandemic has required people to stay home to save lives.

Keeping ActiveSell Your Unwanted jewelry for cash!

We will continue to purchase your unwanted treasures when you Request A Kit through Spring is here and it is a perfect time to do some spring cleaning. You can finally get rid of that old costume jewelry you have not worn in years.

Earn Extra Money

You can earn some extra money as you clean out your closet, or cupboard. Have your children join you on a treasure hunt in the attic, or in the garage. Not sure what to send in? Our kit includes the new Astor Galleries Guide: An Easy Way to Turn Your Unwanted Treasures into CASH from Home. The guide details what items you should look for to include in your kit.

Keeping Safe

The risk of contracting the virus from surfaces like cardboard is very minimal. For anyone concerned about the risk you can wipe down the package with disinfecting wipes and wash your hands.

When you are ready to send in your kit, you can SCHEDULE A PICK-UP from the post office, so you do not need to leave your home.

While we must keep a social distance, we will work together to be safe.

More Information

Looking to turn your clutter into cash? You have come to the right place! Astor Galleries is the perfect outlet to sell your gold, sterling silver, platinum, and NOW ACCEPTING FINE & VINTAGE COSTUME JEWELRY for CASHIt's FREE, just click Request a Kit and submit your EASY Customer Request Form to receive everything you need to SAFELY send in your items for cash.  Accept our offer, and your payment will be sent in 48. If you decline, your items will be returned free of charge.*

Would you like to MAXIMIZE the PRICE realized on the SALE of your items? We specialize in Fine Art, Jewelry, Antiques & Collectibles and over the past forty years, we have developed an extensive global network of interior decorators and collectors enabling us to realize RECORD-BREAKING PRICES for those types of items.

There is a strong market for Scandinavian & Mexico Modernism, Native American & Southwest, and Designer Costume jewelry.

(L to R) Astor Galleries sold for $295, $325, and $295

We have helped countless clients and now it is easier than ever with FREE SHIPPING.

Our customer’s SATISFACTION is 100% GUARANTEED. If you aren't happy with your offer, your experience or change your mind, we will gladly return your items free of charge.


* Terms and Conditions apply


1. Request a Kit
2. Ship Your Items
3. Get Paid!

Read Astor Galleries Guide:
An Easy Way to Turn Your Unwanted Treasures into Cash From Home

Astor Galleries can help find a new home for your treasured pieces.