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Tell Us About Your Items

Please list the items you wish to sell with a description below. However, please know that our team will go through your whole lot thoroughly and identify any good jewelry items that you may have missed.

You will be able to make changes to your list when you receive your kit. We do not accept very fragile items (crystal, china, figurines, vases) via mail.

Your kit will include:

• Welcome Letter

• Customer Return Form

• Terms and Conditions

• Request a Kit FAQ

• ASTOR GALLERIES Guide: An Easy Way to Turn Your Unwanted Treasures into Cash from Home!

• ASTOR GALLERIES Amazing Discoveries,
highlights of items found on house calls or at our events.

• ASTOR GALLERIES List, a list of some of the items we specialize in. Do you qualify for a FREE home visit?

• And FREE shipping materials: Priority Mail Flat Rate box and prepaid Priority Mail Flat Rate shipping label.