Request a Kit

1. Request a Kit

You have taken the first step to sell your VINTAGE SILVER & COSTUME JEWELRY for cash!

You are welcome to list the items you wish to sell with a description below. However, please know that our team will go through your whole lot thoroughly, list every item in your kit, and identify any good jewelry items that you may have missed.

You will be able to make changes to your list when you receive your kit.

If possible, please submit a photo(s) of the items you would like to send to Astor Galleries.
Your kit will include more information about selling your VINTAGE SILVER & COSTUME JEWELRY with Astor Galleries, two 6” x 10” gray plastic bubble bags for your items, one 12 ½” x 9 ½” USPS Priority Flat Rate Padded Envelope, and one Customer Return Form. Our standard kit is tracked all the way to Astor Galleries, where we will sign for every package, and comes with $100 worth of insurance coverage.

If you require a larger package for your items, and/or would like to request additional insurance, you must submit a request to Astor Galleries in advance.

Larger kit or additional insurance request.